Pool fence and barrier inspections servicing South Eastern Suburbs and all of Melbourne

It is now mandatory to have your pool certified with your local council. 

Pool Inspections Melbourne, Pool Fence Regulations, Pool Safety Register

Every state in Australia has their own set of regulations, however the basic principles remains the same. Pool fencing regulations in Victoria have been established to ensure that your family stay safe while in and out of the pool! To coincide with our successful building inspection business, which services Melbourne, we are providing pool fencing certification’s and pool barrier inspection’s. Our service falls under the new mandatory pool barrier inspection requirements as outlined by the VBA and Michael (our chief inspector) is a member of SPASA as well. Michael’s goal is to make certification quick, easy and affordable.

How it works

Pool fence Inspectors and Compliance safety certificates

1. Receive a council letter

2. Contact us

Don’t worry about the jargon, give us a buzz, we will assist!

3. Lock in a time for an initial inspection

4. Compliance certificate

Should compliance issues arise after the initial inspection, an additional inspection will be needed after the issues are rectified. 

5. Receive and submit your compliance certificate