When does my pool need to be registered by?

Pools and spas need to be registered with your local council by Nov 1st 2020

What happens after I register the pool with the council?

We will come out to inspect the pool barrier, if it complies with the requirements we will issue you with a compliance certificate (form 23). If there are rectifications to be done, we will issue you with a report outlining the works required, and then return within 60 days for a return inspection to issue the compliance certificate (form 24) if the barrier complies.

How do I know what standard the barrier needs to be inspected under?

The council will tell you when they deem to the pool to have been built and the standard we need to inspect under. 

Our kids have grown up and left, so there are no children using the pool, do I need to register the pool?

Yes, all pools need to be registered. The statistics say that the child that drowns in your pool doesn’t live in your house.

What happens if I don’t register my pool?

You can face an on the spot fine of $330 or a penalty of up to $1652.20.

I only have a spa with a solid lid, does that comply?

Unfortunately not, spas also need barriers installed.

What suburbs do you service?

All of metro Melbourne – get in touch though, we are more than happy to help regardless of distance.