Pool Safety Inspection Sandringham

About Us

Meet the Director of MPF Safety Inspections, Michael Silverstein – a father who recognizes the true value of ensuring pool safety. As a registered builder and licensed pool barrier inspector, Michael’s vast background encompasses property development and more than seven years of experience owning and operating a swim school. His dedication and proficiency in residential building construction and development, coupled with a keen understanding of pool regulations, make him an industry authority you can trust.


Our team at MPF Safety Inspections is not only committed to ensuring your pool complies with Victoria’s stringent regulations, but also to offering an inspection and certification service that’s affordable and reliable. We conduct meticulous pool fence inspections and provide compliance safety certificates across Melbourne and its South Eastern suburbs, guided by the principle of prioritizing safety while maintaining the integrity of your pool area


Australia’s safety regulations around pools differ per state. In Victoria, specific regulations have been implemented to enhance safety both in and around the pool. We’re dedicated to helping our customers understand these regulations and ensure that their pool environments align with the set standards. Comprehending these regulations doesn’t have to be complex – our team is here to simplify the process, making your pool a truly safe place to enjoy.