Dates of required inspections and certificates: for a swimming pool or spa registered under regulation 147L, the date by which the first certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance is required to be lodged with the relevant council;


Pool/spa construction date  –  Compliance certificate must be lodged by

On or before 30 June 1994  –  1 June 2022

From 1 July 1994 until 30 April 2010  –  1 June 2023

From 1 May 2010 until 31 October 2020  –  1 June 2024

Additional information is available on the VBA website HERE.

See Media Release from Minister for Planning Richard Wynne HERE.


A self-assessment does not replace a qualified inspection; however, it will assist you in understanding the safety requirements and some solutions to fixing some problems.

Download the VBA’s pool and spa safety barrier self-assessment checklists here.